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If you are living in the European Union, be prepared to see a lot of these.

Since the implentation of the E.U. new Privacy Law, many websites from the U.S and around the world have been closed to European viewers. News sites, Shopping sites, Personal Web pages etc. Though If you think this new law focuses only on On-line activities, think again. People sitting in a doctors office, waiting for their appointment must now give written consent to allow the doctor to call out his or her name. Schools graduating a student from the 4th to the 5th grade can no longer relay any information about the students last four years in Elementary School to the Secondary School, “in order to protect that students privacy.” Though in spite of these misgivings, and many more, this new law is being heralded as a great success:

“It’s changing the balance of power from the giant digital marketing companies to focus on the needs of individuals and democratic society,” said Jeffrey Chester, founder of the ‘ Centre for Digital Democracy. “That’s an incredible breakthrough.”

So, as thousands cheer and give thanks to their elected leaders for protecting them from these Evil Tech companies stealing their personal data, they are all missing one vital point, “The Legitimate Use Of Force.”

Google, The Evil Genius?

So Google, and others, creates a profile on me, tracks the websites that I visit, tracks the purchases that I make, tracks my location via GPS and knows where I am, every minute of every day.

It knows my routine, when I leave my home, which route I take to work and how long my commute takes. It knows that every Friday I go to the gym to work out and that my workout takes around 1.5 hours. It even knows what type of food I like to eat, based on the restaurants I frequent.

It knows how often and where I get a haircut, what films I watch, the music I like, places I would like to go, and even my sexual preference. Yes It knows all about me. It could probable even determine how I would act in certain situations faster than I could. So, given that It truly does know everything about me, what does it do with this information?

Well, quite simply put, it sells it, or uses it to create direct marketing for me. That’s it. That’s all.

Is this what the new Privacy Law in Europe is protecting me from, direct marketing? To stop companies from collecting my online habits in order for them to offer me something which I am interested in?

Please read the following with dripping irony:

“Thank you so much glorious leaders for putting yourself on the line and going up against the every powerful Google and Friends to shelter me from direct marketing. Thank you for putting your superior intellect together to come up with such a powerful meaningful life altering law, something that will protect my privacy, my security from the all powerful eyes of Google. Thank you, you have made my world a much safer place. Thank you.”

Cognitive Dissonance.

In recent months Germany, France and the United Kingdom — Europe’s biggest superpowers — have passed laws granting their surveillance agencies virtually unfettered power to conduct bulk interception of communications across Europe and beyond, with limited to no effective oversight or procedural safeguards from abuse.

So, our Bloated, Egoistic, Self Righteous Politicians, do approve of the collecting data on people, as long as THEY are the ones doing it.

As long as it is done under the pretence of Citizen Security and National Defence all is good. They collect, your phone calls, your destinations, your marital status, your religion, your sexual preference, your political affiliation, your e-mails, your text messages, your private finances down to the cent, and oh so much more.

Just like Google, they also know where you live, where you work, how you commute, how often you go on vacation and where.

However, they have the Legitimate Use Of Force backing them up. They have men with guns, Judges, District Attorneys all at their beck and call.

Google can’t enter your home, uninvited, and put a gun to your head forcing you to buy this, or try that. The Government however can.

Having all this data on its citizens with the Power and the Legitimacy that it holds, the Government has become the biggest threat to your security, and privacy, not Google, not Facebook, not Yahoo, but the people we so blindly put into power and then graciously cheer when they limit the kinds and amounts of data companies can collect when people freely visit their websites.

The profiles that Governments make on its citizens is used for much more nefarious reasons, and history will back me up on this. Germany 1933–44 Government Racial Policies, Americas Government Implemented Japanese Concentration Camps 1940’s, Soviet Unions 1922–1991 Anti Religious Campaigns, to the present day Muslim Registry which is Presidents Trumps wet dream.

The Inconvenient Truth.

The Government can use all the data they collected on you to:

  1. Incarcerate you.
  2. Attack you.
  3. Kill you.

Google and other large and small companies call use the data they collected on you to:

  1. Make tailored advertising for you.
  2. Sell to companies that offer a service or product that you are interested in.

Both collect data on you, but only one has the legitimacy to kill you.

The biggest fear is that Google and the others hand over all the information they have on everybody to the most Brutal, Violent, Killing Machines, the world has ever seen.

Your neighbourhood Governments.

So instead of applauding the Politicians, for passing a Privacy Law protecting people from Companies collecting information on them, how about calling them out, holding them accountable for their impotency to protect people from the biggest threat to security and privacy the world has ever seen.


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Mark Aaron Babbitt

Mark Aaron Babbitt

Seattle Native. Free Speech Advocate.