Catchy title, no?

To identify as something which we are not.

Or, are we that which we claim to be? To hell with science and DNA, what we feel is what we are, no?

I, for the longest time thought I was something. I lived a normal life, family, children, ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, was and still am a father of 3, a baseball coach, married, divorced, your normal average guy. But through it all I always had my Identity. I knew who and what I was, and nothing could change that.

Until the accident.

Eight years ago I was involved…

You identified as a gay man?? You Identified?! What a bunch of crap that is..

For the Government.

Gun control, background checks, limitations on ammunition, bump stock bans, magazine capacity, mental illness checks, FBI background checks, etc etc.

“The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”, many would say is Dead, and has been for decades. Ever since the amendment to the 1968 Gun Control Act — known as the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 was put into effect your right to bear arms was killed. The so called “Right” has become a paid for privilege. …

Thank God for Cancel Culture.

Racist imagery.

….the writer’s work contained Orientalist and anti-Black references, including characters of color “presented in subservient, exotified or dehumanized roles.”

“doesn’t mean that the six titles will necessarily be banned.”


Have people truly gone off their rockers?!

Even the remote possibility of Banning a Dr. Seuss book is just ludicrous.

I, just now, 3 minutes ago, read “And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street.”

Very cool, rhythmic, poetic writing. Very funny, quirky, clever, and to be honest, to a 55 year old man like myself, still very cool.

However, I guess it is laden with racist and demeaning…

Old school thought.

I worked with a man who said he would “KILL” his child if he was gay, and I truly believe he meant it…..

I left High School in the early 80’s, and at that time the word FAG was thrown around like a rag doll. In fact we even played a game called “Smear the Queer” in which someone would throw a football up in the air and the unlucky person who caught it was Game for the rest of us, a cross between Rugby, WWE, and Football, however there was no goal line. …

What is he now?

Donald J Trump. Was he a Politician?

You know, that sleazy leaching breed of people who do Nothing for the country other than siphoning money from hard working people.

Was he?

Or was he something different. Was he truly an outsider? Or was his time in office a planned scheme.

I will have to say that during his 1 term, the U.S went through some earth shattering changes which are still shaking the ground on which we walk. Mind bending New “Realities”, new concepts of who is what and what is who. …

You do have a choice.

It’s up to you MY ASS!

Sure, you can choose a lifetime of being Shunned in the public Eye.

You can choose a lifetime of Un-Employment.

You can choose a lifetime of Limited Travel.

You can choose a lifetime of being a 3rd class citizen.

Yea, you can choose that, I guess it’s up to you.

What a choice!

“You can choose to be beaten to death by a baseball bat, or by a shovel. SEE, you are given a choice.”

This add campaign is so full of shit I can hardly stand still. I realise that the world is…

Leadership takes a day off.

Hello all, I took some time off from writing due to some major changes in my life.

Perhaps it was a midlife crisis I was going through and wasn’t aware of it. Perhaps I thought that quitting a lifetime secure position to join a start up was worth the risk.

Now, if this would have been a Startup pushing out a needless product on the overwhelmed consumer, well then I would say I got what was coming to me, UNEMPLOYED at the beginning of a Pandemic. But that wasn’t the case, nope, not at all. …

With the social distancing rules in place, with arrest being made, and with the newly formed Social Distancing Patrols in NYC, it proves that people can not be trusted with Freedom.

The concept of allowing people to make decisions on their own is a thing of the past. A well oiled conformity machine needs to be implemented which takes away individual thought, and removes the concept of individual freedom and liberty.

Too many people make bad choices, too many people are thinking against the norm creating a rift within society. …

History is primed to repeat itself.

The first Violent arrest for not following social distancing rules was acted out in NYC, where 1,000 police officers were charged with making sure the populace was adhering to the new guidlines.

I spoke about this in my Twitch Stream:

When I first learned that the NYPD was adding 1000 officers to enforce these draconic social distancing rules I said, at that time, that an incident such as this would take place. Not more than 24 hours had passed when my vision was proven to be true.

People need to wake up fast, and realize that the people protesting these…

Mark Aaron Babbitt

Seattle Native. Free Speech Advocate.

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